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Snow at the Yacht Club

It is my hope that the holidays have been wonderful for all of you and that you are still experiencing the joy that is a part of good times, food and fun spent with family and friends.

Disney's Yacht Club at Walt Disney World is celebrating with a blanket of snow. Well, actually the snow is actually "faux" and is covering the wonderful miniature village displayed in the lobby of this beautiful resort.
It has been my experience that when Disney does anything, Disney does it in a big way, even miniature village scenes. The village, with all its delightful little homes, churches, shops, people doing chores and shopping, children building snowmen, hidden Mickeys and a toy train making its rounds throughout, is a magical winter wonderland. Each snow covered scene transports the visitor into the fantasy taking place within.

The display is located to the right of the front entrance and covers a large portion of that section of the lobby. It is made up of many different scenes. …

A Merry Christmas Gingerbread Carousel at Disney's Beach Club Resort

Continuing with a series of posts about the wonderful Christmas decorations at some of the Walt Disney World resorts for 2013, I will now share some of the photos I took at Disney's Beach Club Resort. The Disney properties have their own special style(s) of lighting and they all suit each property perfectly. Since I am somewhat obsessed with the lighting in different places, I snapped photos of some  at the Beach Club. This is a picture of the pretty lamp posts along the walkway leading up to the resort.

It is evident when we pass through the main entrance and into the beautiful and spacious lobby of the Beach Club that the baking and confectionery teams at Disney's  Beach and Yacht Clubs had, once again, gone totally over the top in demonstrating their talents. The intoxicating aroma of chocolate is wafting throughout the area. My husband, the chocoholic, thinks this is heavenly. Sitting proudly beneath one of the spectacular chandeliers in the lobby is a carousel, which is…

A Confectionery Creation at Disney's Boardwalk Inn at Christmas

Today's post is one in a series of posts about some of the wonderful Christmas decorations at Walt Disney World for 2013.

This post is comprised of some of the photos taken the afternoon we visited Disney's Boardwalk Inn and Villas. I have posted about Disney's Boardwalk in the past and about the wonderful boardwalk itself, with all its shops and entertainment. It can be found by exiting the Gateway to the World Showcase and taking a left, crossing the bridge at Crescent Lake. There is a world of entertainment and dining experiences to be enjoyed along the boardwalk. It is well worth the leisurely ten minute or so stroll from Epcot to check out the activity at Disney's Boardwalk and in the inn. At Christmastime, it is an extra special treat because of all the fabulous decorations. You will often find some of the characters in the main lobby during the evenings, including Mickey and Minnie Mouse, all decked out in their Christmas finery and ready to have their pictures …

Sew an Animal Print Infinity Scarf

One of my grandchildren asked me to make something special for him to give to someone for Christmas. He is such a sweetheart and seldom asks for me to do anything, so how could I refuse? After all, it takes less than an hour to cut out and sew one of these animal print infinity scarves.

Materials and tools required:
One-fourth Yard of 54-55 Inch Light-Weight Fleece FabricMatching ThreadSewing Machine Unless You Plan to Sew by HandHand Sewing Needle to  Sew the Opening Closed After Turning the Scarf Right Side Out

Fold the fourth of a yard of fabric up the middle and with right sides touching. You will be sewing a seam on the wrong side of fabric, along the longest length of the fabric to form a tube 54-55 inches long. Just follow the tutorial I posted months ago. It can be found at this link:

Remember to start the seam a couple of inches from the beginning of the "tube" and stop sewing a couple of inches from the end. This…

There is Magic in the Kingdom at Christmas

When posting about travel experiences, I strive to give you some idea of what these places are about and the things that can be seen and experienced there. Certainly, I cannot be called a world traveler and, in fact, many of you are probably much more experienced travelers than myself. Still, it is my sincere hope that when you visit here you will be able to step inside my little world and, perhaps, find something to enjoy in the places and things I feel so blessed to have experienced.

Between now and Christmas, I will be continuing a series of posts from our recent trip to Walt Disney World. In the spirit of the season, these will be comprised mostly of photos of the different places(not the two of us)around Walt Disney World parks and resorts. My goal is to convey how beautifully things are decorated for the holidays.

This post is about how things were and still are looking along Main Street and at Cinderella's Castle at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.  I begin with pic…